Since the concept and inception of Delta Kappa Delta Sorority, each Sister has sincerely dedicated herself to service. We feel that service is the purest way to grow and learn about each other but most importantly give ourselves to our community. Service is the basis of Delta Kappa Delta because we feel that through service, a person can grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. Each hour of service we do provides an opportunity to teach our society about who we are and learn about others. It provides an opportunity to grow and develop our Sisterhood and create a bond with those in the community. Service provides a chance to strengthen our spirit and rejuvenate our society. Each time a Sister does service she walks away with a better knowledge of whom and what she can become.

Though a majority of our service is done together as Sisters, we do encourage and welcome the opportunity to do service with organizations as well as individuals who have the desire to help the community. Our commitment to service is steadfast and we would enjoy the chance to work with others in providing a welcoming shade of service.

To date, Delta Kappa Delta has completed over 30,000 hours in service.

Service Focus

Our Service Focus is Education. Although most of the focus is geared towards the education of children, we believe that armed with a solid education, not just tools that can help in a classroom, but also in the real world, children and adults will be better able to prosper in their lives. Education is the key to empowerment. The Sisters of Delta Kappa Delta Sorority strive to educate young and old through working with different schools and after school programs, local organizations that work with teenage moms on how to tend to their child, or teach a group of children how to put on a Sari, or simply taking the time out to educate others about the South Asian culture and heritage. One of the most powerful tools is through action, by being a role model to these children, and those who are willing to learn. By encouraging education, we help build a successful future.

Service Organizations

Delta Kappa Delta perseveres as the nation’s only South Asian Service Sorority. The Sisters make an active effort to go out into the community and serve those who are in need, whether it be children at an abuse shelter, or regularly cleaning up parks and neighborhoods in the community. Working with several local, national, and global service organizations has been a rewarding experience for all.

Listed below are only a handful of the numerous organizations that all Delta Kappa Delta Chapters and Colonies have actively worked with. Please follow the available links if you are interested in learning more about a specific organization.

American Association: Heart Walk
Any Baby Can
Austin’s Children’s Shelter
B.T Washington School
Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Binghamton Students for Students International
Boo at the Philadelphia Zoo
Boys and Girls Clubs of America
Capital of Texas Zoo
Carle Clinic
Champaign Urbana Park District
Champaign Urbana Special Recreation
Chosen 200
CHOW Hunger Walk
Circle of Friends
Club Outreach
Crisis Nursery
Cunningham Children’s Center
Dunbar Elementary School
Girls Inc.
Green Garden Festival
Habitat for Humanity
Healthy Young Families Meal Prep
Heart House
Help Philadelphia
Helping Hand Home
Invisible Children
JCH Micah Food Pantry
Junior League of Binghamton, Inc
Keep Austin Beautiful
Local Soup Kitchen of Waco
Manor Heartland Center
Mental Health Center of Champaign Urbana
Monster Book Sale

National MS Society
New Hope Academy
Northern Home
Orpheum Children’s Museum
Partnership for Children
Provena Medical Center
Rape Crisis Line
Read Across America
Real Life Childcare
Refugee Tutoring
Relay for Life
Safe Place
Senior Care of Center City
Skillpoint Alliance
Special Olympics
SUNY Boys and Girls Club
Susan G. Breast Cancer Walk
Swann Special Care Center
Texas Parks & Wildlife
Transitions Store
Trash to Treasure
Tree Folks
Treehouse for Books
United Way Capital Area
University of Pennsylvania Children Center
WAA: Women Against Abuse
Waco Family Abuse Center
Wesleyan Food Pantry
Women in Transition